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MI 8 Spare Parts

mi8-1smallOur company supply and deliver spare parts for MI-8 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.









2 Turboshaft Engines

Engine Model

Klimow / Klimov TW2-117A / TV2-117A

Engine Power (each)

1251 kW

1678 shp


259 km/h

140 kts
161 mph

Service Ceiling

4.500 m

14.764 ft


500 km

270 NM
311 mi.

Empty Weight

6.800 kg

14.991 lbs

max. Takeoff Weight

12.000 kg

26.455 lbs

Rotor Blades (main/tail)



Main Rotor Diameter

21,29 m

69,8 ft

Tail Rotor Diameter

3,91 m

12,8 ft

Rotor Disc Area

356,0 m²

3832 ft²


25,24 m

82,8 ft


5,65 m

18,5 ft

First Flight


Production Status

in production

Total Production




Data for (Version)

Mil Mi-8


Mil Mi-8T, Mi-8TB, Mi-8S, Mi-8MT, Mi-9, Mi-17




These helicopters tend to be made because of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Place JSC with Moscow, your Kazan Helicopter Place JSC with Kazan as well as the Ulan-Ude Aviation Place, as well as can be found in civil as well as armed forces types. These armed forces variants are the Mi-8T move, VIP move, electronic digital hostilities, reconnaissance, Mi-8TV provided version as well as the look for as well as save Mi-8MPS.

This provided alternative designated Mi-8TV, will be installed along with 7. 62mm built-in machine weapons as well as six to eight exterior weapons shelves along with S-5 rockets. This helicopter could also use AT-2 Swatter 9M 17P Scorpion anti-tank missiles. This helicopter’s weapon sighting system could be the PKV collimating sight. Mi-8TV is additionally competent at installing minefields.
This provided Mi-8TV helicopters tend to be installed to comprehend highly effective TV3-117VMA applications, which supply a greater hovering hall (3, 950m when compared to the 1, 760m of the Mi-8MT). The maximum slung payload of the provided helicopter will be improved for you to some, 000kg.
A Very hot Stone infrared jammer could be installed, as well as six to eight ASO-2V width dispensers tend to be fitted: about three towards the slot as well as about three towards the starboard facet of the fuselage.
Mi-8MPS spacecraft recovery helicopter
With regard to spacecraft recovery your Mi-8MPS helicopter gives in business as well as technological teams along with save tools towards the obtaining sector.

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