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MIG-29 Spare Parts

MIG-29Our company supply and deliver spare parts for MIG-29 all modifications. We also do modernization and overhaul on demand by the client.

Role Air superiority fighter, multirole fighter
National origin Soviet Union Russia
Manufacturer Mikoyan
First flight 6 October 1977
Introduction July 1983
Status In service
Primary users Russian Air Force
Indian Air ForceUkrainian Air Force See Operators below for others
Produced 1982–present
Number built 1,600+[1]
Unit cost US$11 million (MiG-29B, 1984, 1999)[2][3]US$29 million (average cost, 2009)[4][5]
Variants Mikoyan MiG-29MMikoyan MiG-29K

Mikoyan MiG-35




The MiG-29K fighter bomber airplane is constructed simply by RSK MiG plus the Irkutsk Planes Generation Association Articulation Stock options Firm. The MiG-29, 40 and thirty-three are known from the NATO value identify Fulcrum.
The quest on the MiG-29 is to eliminate dangerous air flow goals inside of radar insurance policy coverage boundaries and eliminate floor goals making use of unguided weaponry throughout visual trip problems.
The two-seater model, MiG-29M2, had taken their first trip throughout 2001. The super-maneuverable alternative, MiG-29M OVT, together with three dimensional thrust-vectoring engine nozzles was productively confirmed on the Farnborough Intercontinental Airshow throughout July 2006. The nozzle provides a few hydraulic actuators mounted throughout the engine for you to deflect the actual pushed. The airplane is it being agreed to prospective customers because MiG-35.

Tools on the MiG-29
The MiG-29 fighter is equipped with eight external system hard points. The airplane may bring: nearly a pair of R-27 air-to-air medium-range missiles; half a dozen R-73 and R-60 air-to-air short range missiles; four pods involving S-5, S-8, S-24 unguided rockets; air flow bombs analyzing nearly 3, 000kg and 30mm built-in airplane marker together with one hundred fifty units involving ammo.

The airplane is equipped with the information and flames command radar system including: the N-019 radar put together by Phazotron Investigation and Generation Firm, Moscow; the infrared lookup and course sensor; a beam of light rangefinder plus a helmet-mounted targeted designator.
With regard to longer-range air flow combat, the actual MiG-29 makes use of radar direction to the R-27 missile.
Thales Top Sight-E helmet-mounted picture and show (HMDS) is it being suited to airplane to the Native American Fast. Integration phase on the upgrade covering ejection chairs, system delivery and navigation system was finished throughout December 2009. Thales will also present TOTEM 3000 Inertial Routing and GPS NAVIGATION.

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