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Ready For Export



40x53mm Grenades Ready for Immediate Export

Quantity: 77,000 pcs.

Year of production: 2011 – 2014 year

Used for: MK 19, HK GMG, SB LAG40



Due to its strong business connections and vast network of reputable partners, Hartford International Group Ltd is capable of exporting in due course wide range of arms, ammunitions, military equipment, armored vehicles, helicopters and defense related products available from stock. We guarantee the best preserved condition and good quality of the available military goods. Our result-oriented business attitude and flexibility go hand in hand with our readiness for in time supply to worldwide destinations. In the herein list you can find some of the products:

1. Assault Rifles: AKM, AKS, AKMS and other different modifications;
2. Machine Guns: PK, PKM, UK-VZ59 and other different modifications;
3. Heavy Machine Guns: DShK, NSV/T and other different modifications;
4. Sniper Rifles: SVD, PSL and other different modifications;
5. Anti-tank Grenade Launchers: RPG-7 other different modifications.

6. Anti-tank Guided Missile Systems: <FAGOT>, <KONKURS>, <KORNET-E>

1. Small Calibers: 9x19mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 7.62x54mm, etc.;
2. Large Calibers: 12.7x99mm, 12.7x108mm, 14.5x114mm, 23x152mm, etc.

1. Tanks T-55, T-72 – different modifications;
2. APC –BTR 60/70/80 – different modifications.

1. Mi-8/17 – different modifications;
2. Mi-24 – different modifications.